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Safety Drills

Preparation for these emergencies involves yearlong practice through various drills at all schools. Every Cheltenham school conducts at least one emergency drill per month. Here is a brief explanation of each drill:


Shelter-In-Place icon


: Immediately seek shelter in a safe location within the building. This course of action may need to be taken during a severe thunderstorm, high winds, tornado or other severe weather. If you are sheltering due to a hazardous material (HAZMAT) accidental release of toxic chemicals, the air quality may be threatened and sheltering in place keeps you inside an area offering more protection.



Evacuation icon

:  The systematic movement of students and staff from the school building to another area when conditions are safer outside than inside, such as a fire drill. The school safety team assists with the evacuation. Follow normal fire drill routine, but if that is dangerous, follow an alternate route. Evacuate to rally points, but if rally point is unsafe, move to secondary location.



Lockout icon

: Approximate school staff ensures exterior of the building is locked and secure. All outside school activities are safely returned into the building. Building occupants are informed of the situation to raise their level of alertness and situational awareness. Ingress and egress of the school building becomes highly restricted. Interior school functions and operations may continue as scheduled. If high risk activity moves onto the school campus, the next step is lockdown.




: Violence or potential violence is now on school campus. Students, teachers, staff and visitors restrict their movements within classrooms, offices and workspaces, turn off lights shut and lock door. Prepare to make the next action decision based on the information as the situation evolves, possibly to the next step - run, hide, fight.