• UPG Logo UPG is an umbrella organization of parents/guardians from all 7 schools in Cheltenham. We provide a forum for parents and administration to work together on key educational issues.

    The United Parents Group (UPG), is an organization comprised of parent representatives from all schools in the Cheltenham School District. We serve as a vehicle to facilitate communication among parents, administration, and the school board to ensure the continued excellence of education provided by the district. UPG invites speakers to address parents’ concerns about various educational topics and provides a place for parents and officers of the PTOs to share their ideas and work to improve the Cheltenham schools. All parents and guardians are invited to attend and participate in our monthly meetings.

    Our Vision: UPG believes that a strong school district is one that has an active, informed parent community. The collaboration of school administration, teachers and parents is paramount to Cheltenham Township School District’s (CSD) success. UPG will work to expand communication between the district and parents, identify and eliminate barriers to learning, address topics important to the evolving needs of students, and embrace the diversity of our Cheltenham learning community.

    Our Mission: UPG serves as a resource for parents throughout the district, and acts as a conduit between the school administration and its community members. In helping to create a cohesive, high-performing school district, UPG is committed to identifying and eliminating barriers to learning, fostering learning for students at all levels of readiness, and supporting the academic, creative, emotional, and social needs of EACH student. Devoted to success for all students, UPG strives to fully utilize the diverse resources available in this school district to create successful school experiences for all families.

    Our Guiding Values:

    • All students deserve to be fully engaged in the learning process.
    • All students deserve to have a safe, healthy, and positive learning environment in which they are able to achieve at the highest levels of their individual abilities.
    • All parents and guardians are able to add value to their student's education.
    • All families should be welcome in our Cheltenham community.
    • Communication within our learning community should be respectful and solution-driven.

    Please join us.

UPG Leadership

  • Lakisha Rodwell Green

    Michael Hammond

    Vice President

    Ellen Kelly

    Corresponding Secretary

    Rebecca Condict
    Communications Lead

    Roshanna Floyd
    SEAC Representative

    Enid Banton
    CAAA Representative

    Abby Fishman
    Teacher Representative

    Gina Craigo
    Past President

    Christa Sywulak-Herr
    Tasha Holland
    Donna Malcolm
    Ross Whiting
    Lisa Heschbacher
    At Large Members