CE Attendance Guidelines

  • Regular attendance enhances a student’s educational experience and is required by state law. To ensure accurate reporting of a student’s attendance, parent/guardians please follow the guidelines indicated below:

    Call Child Check (215­-635-­7415), then press 1. Provide the following information: Student’s Name, Date of Absence, Reason for the Absence and the Student’s Homeroom Number and/or Teacher Name. Please remember to call by 9:05 am on the day of the absence.

    Written notification must be submitted within three days of your child’s return to school for the absence to be considered “Excused.” The written notification needs to include a reason for your child’s absence and may be given to the building or attendance secretary. Please know that a student’s absence will be recorded as “unexcused” until written notification is received and a letter will be sent to the student’s home indicating the absence is unlawful. Questions regarding attendance should be directed to the building Principal.

    Request for EARLY dismissals should be done in writing to the teacher. For early dismissal, please remember to pick up your child and sign out at the office.

    To ensure your child’s safety, if we do not receive a call and your child is absent, we will start an investigation regarding the child’s whereabouts. Therefore, your diligence about calling the above number is essential.


    If your child is absent for more than three consecutive school days due to an illness, you may request for materials to be sent home. We ask that these requests be made one day in advance so that they are available for pick up by the end of the next school day.