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  • Cheletenham Elementary Library Cheltenham Elementary’s library provides students with the essential skills necessary to navigate today’s information-filled world.  The library’s main goal is to connect students with books and authors who will inspire them to read varied and thought-provoking literature not only in their childhood years, but throughout their lives.  Cheltenham Elementary’s library also encourages students to be lifelong learners who understand how to collect information from a variety of sources, evaluate that information and come to conclusions about real life situations.

    At Cheltenham Elementary, the library program uses the Pennsylvania Common Core as the basis for instruction.  Research that is completed is done in collaboration with the classroom teachers and offers curriculum extensions to the students. Technology plays an integral role in the library curriculum.  Students use technology to enhance their learning and to create projects to share the information that they have gathered through research.  Cheltenham Elementary’s library program is dedicated to providing every student with the highest level of literature, as well as the technology and research skills that they will need to succeed in today’s information-rich world.

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Wade Huggins
Cheltenham Elementary Librarian

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