• The Cheltenham School District celebrates its diverse population and considers a quality education its top priority. The demand for excellence is not limited to test scores, and is best exemplified by our dedication to the arts. We believe that a child’s education needs to have a depth and range which cannot be measured by standardized tests alone. Below we have highlighted a few of our outstanding programs.

Extensive Advanced Placement Program

  • Cheltenham High School offers over 25 different topics and 30 classes meeting the challenging AP curriculum. Courses cover topics including English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Psychology, Economics, 2 and 3 Dimensional Arts and Music Theory. Students have opportunities to take AP classes beginning in the ninth grade and this past year over 400 AP tests were taken. Our dedicated staff is working with College Board to create Pre-AP curriculum to give more students the opportunity to take college-level work during their high school experience.

Music Program

  • Our students have music classes starting in Kindergarten. Our new elementary strings program will afford interested students a chance to take small group lessons starting in the third grade. There are string and band programs starting in the fifth grade. Full dramatic plays and musicals are performed at both Cedarbrook and Cheltenham High School each year. The high school has won the CAPPIES for best musical the past two years. We are extremely proud of the number of students who qualify for district, regional, and state chorus, band and orchestra each year. Our high school marching band is also award-winning.

Gifted Program

  • The Cheltenham School District model for gifted services is designed to meet the needs of any and all students who demonstrate the need for above grade level academic work. To this end School District of Cheltenham Township offers an extensive menu of services and resources to ensure that appropriate enrichment, curriculum extension, and acceleration are available to identified gifted and other high achieving students. In addition to teacher and parent referrals, the district universally screens all second grade students to determine if there is need for more in-depth testing for gifted identification.

    Our new strategic plan places a focus on meeting the needs of individual students and eliminating our achievement gap. Our talented staff and dedicated community are working together to achieve these goals. We welcome new families to our township and encourage you to call with any questions about our educational programs.

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