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Right to Know

As of January 1, 2009, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, under Governor Edward G. Rendell, requires government agencies, including school districts, to comply with the new regulations as set forth by the Right-to-Know Law Act 3 of 2008. The new law fundamentally changes the way people access public records of their government, and the way government processes those requests. The Cheltenham School District always works to comply with its Public Records Policy and the Right-to-Know Law.

To obtain public records from the Cheltenham School District, please download the form below and fill it out in its entirety. Mail or email to the open records officer listed on this page. We will work to honor your requests as set forth under the law. The Right-to-Know Law requires the Office of Open Records to create a Uniform Request Form that must be accepted by all Commonwealth Agencies. To request information, under the Right-to-Know Law, from the Cheltenham School District, you must download the following PA Standard Right-to-Know Request Form.

Joshua Sweigard
Right to Know Officer