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Cheltenham School District Strategic Plan Accountability

  • The board of school directors attends status report presentations in December and June of each school year; reviews written reports in September and February of each school year.
  • Relevant school board committees receive proposals and updates on strategic plan progress throughout the school year; maintain placeholders for necessary presentations.
  • The superintendent attends at least one Strategic Planning Internal Leadership Team (SPILT) meeting per month; receives weekly progress reports from assistant superintendent; leads/oversees presentations to relevant school board committees and board of school directors; conducts annual checks and appropriate modification of milestones and action steps with the assistant superintendent and SPILT; reports on status to board in June.
  • Assistant superintendent oversees SPILT meetings; monitors cross-pathway dependencies and considerations; coordinates school board presentations and reports.
  • SPILT meets two-hours weekly in Year 1 to track action steps and progress.

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