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Welcome to the Cheltenham School District transportation website. Student transportation is an important part of the school program. The Cheltenham School District has contracted Cheltenham Transportation, LLC to provide transportation to students in accordance with state regulations and district policies. Cheltenham Transportation, LLC is headquartered in a local facility that is 100% dedicated to our school district.

The transportation department works closely with schools, students, and parents to ensure a safe, dependable, and efficient ride to and from school. All drivers are trained and certified according to state mandates, and are required to pass all necessary state and federal background checks. Bus routes and stops are reviewed on a continuous basis throughout the school year. The transportation department requests the cooperation of schools, students, and parents/guardians in its efforts to maintain order on each and every school bus, as transportation is a privilege, not a right.

Board Policy 810: Transportation

For disciplinary and security purposes, the district records audio and video on school buses. The intention of video and audio recording on school vehicles is to provide a safe environment for students, school personnel and contracted personnel. The board directs the superintendent or designee to ensure that:

  1. Each school bus and school vehicle that is equipped with video and audio recording equipment contains a clearly posted notice informing drivers and passengers of the potential for video and audio recording.
  2. This policy and accompanying administrative regulation are posted on the district's publicly accessible website.
  3. Each school year, this policy is included in the student handbook, and in any other district publications that sets forth the comprehensive rules, procedures, and standards of conduct.

Contact Information 
Bus Depot

Derek Platt
Supervisor of Transportation

Charlene Gallagher
Transportation Specialist