• Overview

    Instructional technology refers to the strategic use of technology to enhance and support the teaching and learning process. It encompasses a wide range of tools, resources, and applications designed to facilitate effective instruction, engage learners, and improve educational outcomes. Ultimately, instructional technology serves as a catalyst for innovation in education, opening up new avenues for exploration, creativity, and personalized learning experiences.

    CSD Learning Management Systems

    A K-12 Learning Management System (LMS)  is designed to enhance the overall educational experience by providing a digital platform that fosters collaboration, communication, and efficiency for both educators and students. An LMS creates a more connected, accessible, learning experience for everyone. Students can access materials 24/7 and engage in learning; parents can stay informed with students’ updates and progress.  

    In the Cheltenham School District we use the following learning management systems:

    K-8 - Google Classroom - Please contact your students' teacher to receive guardian updates information.

    K-12 - Canvas - Click here for directions on how to create a parent account.

    CSD Technology Webpage

    Visit the CSD Technology website for more information on student Chromebooks and other initiatives.

    CSD Instructional Technology Supported Programs K-12

    Instructional Technology Supported Programs are educational initiatives that leverage technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences. These programs integrate various digital tools, resources, and platforms to facilitate more effective and engaging instructional practices.  Please contact your students' school or teacher to see what specific platforms they are currently using. Schools may differ based on student/staff needs. 

    Below is a listing of some of the applications that CSD currently subscribes to. 

  • Google - Workspaces (K-12)

  • Classlink (K-12)

  • Lumio (K-12)

  • Nearpod (K-12)

  • Canva (K-12)

  • Newsela (5-12)

  • Kami (7-12)

  • Seesaw (K-2)