• Overview of Phases

    Strategic planning photo

    Phase I: Engage

    Document the current state of reality and desired future position of the district.

    • Conducted 11 board of school directors and admin structured, individual interviews.
    • Conducted focus groups with key stakeholder populations (100+ participants).
    • Reviewed mission, vision, and guiding principles of the district.
    • Reviewed archival data and reports provided by the district.
    • Administered survey of key stakeholder populations (897 respondents).
    • Discussed research and best practice around emerging themes from the engage phase.
    • The survey responses, along with the participation in the interviews and the focus groups, are strong indicators of the support that the community, parents/ guardians and staff demonstrate for the school district.


    • District Demographic Overview (Enrollment)
    • Finance Overview (Personnel/Organizational)
    • Assessments Scores Overview (Data/Performance)
    • Facilities & Technology Overview (Infrastructure)


    • School Directors & Administration Interviews (11 participants)
    • 15 Focus Groups (100+ participants)
    • Assessments Scores Overview (Data/Performance)
    • Online Survey Results (897 participants)


    Phase II: Focus

    Create a framework for broad direction and priorities for the future in a formal strategic action plan document. 

    • Reviewed stakeholder feedback and themes from engagement sessions.
    • Documented mission and vision and the future direction desired by stakeholders.
    • Initiated discussion regarding Portrait of a Graduate concept.
    • Developed a draft strategic plan document to serve as a broad outline to guide the future direction of the district. The strategic plan contains:
      • Mission and Vision
      • Global findings, strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats (SCOT) analysis
      • Portrait of a Graduate
      • Strategic goals and objectives
      • Establish action teams and themes


    Phase III: Execute 

    Document specific steps that will be taken in order to accomplish the goals and objectives identified in the strategic plan.

    • Administrator planning meeting to guide implementation
    • Initial biannual goals, plans and metrics
    • Presentation to the board of school directors
    • Executive summary