• Healthy school meals are a critical component to the overall educational experience, nourishing the body, and setting the stage for a day of learning and knowledge retention. We offer age-appropriate lunch menu options at each grade level, with increasingly more options at the older grade levels as students mature and learn how to make healthier choices.

    • At the elementary school level, we strive to help educate and guide younger students to make balanced meal choices from amongst familiar “kid-friendly” foods made with healthier ingredients.
    • For secondary school students, we offer a food-court style environment with a wide variety of wholesome menu choices.

    Whitsons offers a variety of meal choices and Smart Snack options that meet NSLBP, HHFKA, and state nutrition guidelines, and are analyzed and approved by a Registered Dietitian. We also collaborate with parents, students, and school nurses to accommodate the dietary requirements of students with food allergies and other special diets. Our interactive menus may be found online at Interactive menus provide you with nutritional and allergen information you need to plan your school meals.

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General Manager
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Chef Manager
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