• Are exceptions made to the age cutoff?

    Cheltenham School District policy states that a child must be five years of age on or before September 1 of the registering school year to be elligible for kindergarten. Additionally, first grade students must be six years of age on or before September 15. No exceptions are made to this policy.

  • Do I need to supply documentation for each child I register?

    Families are required to provide all necessary documentation for each child registering with Cheltenham School District.

  • I don't have the residency documents yet, what should I do?

    Please email the registrar/registration office and we will explain the future resident policy.

  • Do I need my child’s previous school records to register?

    Prior school records are not necessary to register your child. After registration is complete, your child's new school will request the records from the previous school after you sign a release of records form.

    Please note that immunization records are required at registration as the school district cannot request those.

  • My child has a special education plan, how is that handled?

    If your child currently has a special education plan such as an IEP, GIEP, or 504, a member of the Special Education, Gifted Education, or Student Services department will contact you regarding your child’s documentation after registration is complete.

  • Can I register early for the upcoming school year?

    Registration for each school year begins during the summer registration window. There is no ability to register for the upcoming school year prior to that timeframe.

  • After registering, when can my child expect to start school?

    In most cases, a student will be enrolled within five business days. Our goal is to place a child as quickly as possible. To ensure the quickest enrollment, please have all required paperwork submitted prior to your registration appointment.

Contact Information

Ms. Taylor Gray
Registrar/Residency Specialist