Change of Address

  • Please follow these instructions if you need to change your child's address.

    1. Download and complete the change of address form.
    2. Submit the completed and signed change of address form to Ms. Taylor Gray at along with the following required residency documents:

    Required Residency Documents (documents must contain a Cheltenham Township address)

    1. Deed or property tax bill if you are a homeowner or signed lease agreement with landlord's contact information if you are a renter.
    2. One of the following: current utility bill such as electric or water, or car insurance card or car registration or current pay stub.
    3. Valid driver's license or state-issued photo identification. 

    *Multiple Occupancy: If you and your child(ren) maintain primary residence in Cheltenham Township in a home that is owned by another Cheltenham Township resident, a multiple occupancy affidavit is required. This affidavit must be completed, signed, and notarized by both the parent/guardian of the student and the Cheltenham Township homeowner. The affidavit must be renewed annually. You can download and complete the form by clicking here.

Contact Information

Ms. Taylor Gray
Registrar/Residency Specialist