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    Welcome to the Athletics and Activities website. Cheltenham High School offers many opportunities for our students to continue a lifetime of learning from different experiences that will stay with you throughout your lives. We strive to offer the highest level of intellectual, physical, emotional, and social potential in order to prepare yourself for a constantly changing world. 
    We offer an integrated community from the arts to athletics.  Students have the chance to find a hidden talent, a new passion, or a desire to lead like never before. Our community is full of people of different racial, religious, social, and economic backgrounds.  Drawing on its cultural richness, creativity, and tradition the Cheltenham School District strives to nurture each student through a wealth of skills and a vision which is needed to lead a productive and meaningful life beyond our classroom walls.
    Students also have an extensive array of clubs to choose from including Black Scholars, Panther Partners, DECA, National Honor Society, Mindfulness Club, Environmental Club, Unified Sports, Marching Band, Touring Ensemble, and Blue & Gold.
    We take pride in our programs and the opportunities for our students to enhance their high school careers.  Extracurriculars play a part in your applications to colleges. Most school applications will ask about your activities or what you do in your free time. They will reveal a lot about you in ways that your grades and test scores cannot. Your accomplishments outside the classroom shows your passions in life and the qualities that are valued. 
    Cheltenham High School encourages you to take part in a community that you can be proud of for many years to come. Most of the clubs listed will run during the school year, but some are entirely dependent on the interests of students like you.