• Pursuant to Act 82 of 2012, the Board is pleased to report that Superintendent Dr. Marseille has met his established goals for the 2018-19 school year.


    The Superintendent’s 2018-19 Goals are based on priorities identified in five categories (Student Academic Growth, Achievement and Support; Organizational Leadership; Fiscal Responsibility and Long Term Planning; District Operations, Financial Planning and Maintenance; Communications and Engagement) that align with the district’s Strategic Plan and address budgetary, facility and curricular needs. References to the district’s Strategic Plan means the “Strategic Plan 2016-2021-Five Pathways, One Destination”.  References to the Curriculum Audit means the “March 2017 Curriculum Audit of the Cheltenham School District” conducted by Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc.


    CATEGORY A: Student Academic Growth, Achievement and Support


    2018-2019 Goals:

    1. Finalize a systematic approach and projected timeline that begins in 2018 and ensures that written curriculum K-12 is aligned with PA standards in key content areas (ELA, Math and Science) and is adequate to guide classroom instruction by no later than June 2019.
    2. By June 2019, provide an update to the Board about actions taken across the District and measurable outcomes to enhance academic growth, improve achievement and provide support based on the Strategic Plan, the Curriculum Audit and the Special Education Audit.

    CATEGORY B: Organizational Leadership


    2018-2019 Goals:

    1. Successfully negotiate contracts with CEA and CASSA that recognize fiscal realities while supporting district priorities.
    2. Identify and begin the implementation of Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) that are aligned to the district’s Strategic Plan and district objectives.
    3. Develop a timeline to address Curriculum audit findings with regards to the revision of job descriptions in support of the district’s Strategic Plan and district priorities.


    CATEGORY C: Fiscal Responsibility and Long-term Planning

    2018-2019 Goals:

    1. Work collaboratively with the Business Manager to analyze revenue and expenditure trends in the district for developing a five (5) year financial plan.
    2. Develop a budget for the 2019-2020 school year that supports district priorities, objectives and goals while maintaining fiscal responsibility.


    CATEGORY D: District Operations, Financial Planning and Maintenance


    • Goals


    1. Analysis and use of preventive maintenance software that will provide periodic reporting consistent with our five-year preventive maintenance plan.

    CATEGORY E:  Communications and Engagement


    2018-2019 Goals:

    1. Enhance and build partnerships/capital campaign that supports district priorities.
    2. Continue to identify, apply and report about grant opportunities that support the district’s Strategic Plan and objectives.