Weather-Related Recess Guidelines

  • Outdoor recess is an integral part of the school day and provides students with a break from structured instructional time while enabling opportunities for physical exercise and social development.  There are times, however, when weather conditions are such that it is not advisable or safe for students to be outside for recess.  
    Though it is difficult to establish guidelines that apply appropriately in every circumstance based on varying weather conditions, the following guidelines have been developed to be implemented consistently.  Building principals and their designee(s) shall monitor and evaluate weather and other outside conditions carefully and on a continuous basis; when situation-specific circumstances cause the principal or designee to believe that a deviation from the below guidelines is warranted and consistent with the health, safety, and welfare of students, principals or their designee(s) may authorize a deviation from the below guidelines, except where otherwise noted.  
    The Assistant Superintendent or designee shall be notified any time a building principal or their designee has approved an exception to the below guidelines.  


  • General Guidelines

  • Hot Weather Guidelines

  • Cold Weather Guidelines

  • Children with Special Health Conditions

  • Other Unanticipated or Exceptional Conditions Not Related to Weather