District Safety Related Policies

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    District policies are reviewed regularly by the administration and the School Board's Policy Committee, in consultation with the District solicitor. Committee recommendations are submitted to the full Board of School Directors for a final review and vote. The public is welcome to attend Policy Committee meetings to provide feedback on proposed updates and changes. Below are policies relating directly to student and employee safety.

    Board Policy 219: Student Complaint Process
    Board Policy 247: Bullying, Hazing and Other Prohibited Harassment by and of Students
    Board Policy 262: Access to Recess Guidelines
    Board Policy 262: AR: Access to Recess Guidelines Administrative Regulation

    Administrative, Professional and Classified Employees
    Board Policies 348.1, 448.1, 548.1: Prohibited Harassment by and of Employees and Other Members of the School Community

    Board Policy 709: Building Security