2018-2019 Registration



    1. The C.L.A.S.P. Registration Form is completely digital using our software system, SANDBOX.
    2. The registration link is school specific so please be sure to click on the link for your child’s elementary school. See ‘note’ below for grade 5 and grade 6.
    3. If you missed C.L.A.S.P. Registration at the time of your appointment for kindergarten school registration, please click on the link for your child’s school below, complete, & submit.
    4. Families grade K through grade 6 complete the Online Registration using the designated link below.

    Note: Childcare for Elkins Park School students is housed at Cheltenham Elementary School. PLEASE use the link for Cheltenham Elementary below.

     Please click on the link of your child’s elementary school to access & complete the C.L.A.S.P. Online Registration.

    Cheltenham Elementary Online Registration 

    Glenside Elementary Online Registration 

    Myers Elementary Online Registration

    Wyncote Elementary Online Registration



     Note: You will be instructed to download page 3 of the Registration Form; Civil Rights.
    This page requires your signature in 3 places. You are required to sign and upload to your SANDBOX account or you may submit to the C.L.A.S.P. staff on the 1st day of attendance. This form is also available under Resources.

    You will be instructed to download the form Health Report. This form is required to be completed by your child’s physician. If your child has a completed physical within a year of the completion of the C.L.A.S.P. registration. This will replace the need for having the Health Report completed. CLASP requires a physical every 2 years. If the last physical submitted expires within the school year, you are required to have your physician complete a physical so there is no gap between the physicals on file. This form is also available under Resources.

    Registrations received after the first week of August will be admitted on a rolling basis. Once the program reaches capacity, your child’s registration will be placed on a Wait List in order of the registration date. You will be notified as soon as space becomes available.

    5. After your registration is received and processed, you will receive an email with a link that will guide you through the process of setting up your SANDBOX account. You will receive a second email regarding the payment information.

    6. The registration fee and monthly fee for September must be paid in full by the first week of August. SECOND WEEK OF AUGUST - ANY ACCOUNT WITH A BALANCE WILL BE PLACED ON THE WAIT LIST UNTIL PAID IN FULL.

    7. On the 1st day of your child attending C.L.A.S.P., you will be requested to set up a 4-digit passcode to ensure a time-saving, accurate, & secure sign-in & sign-out each day.

    8. The system, SANDBOX uses your email address to identify you so please make sure to keep this information accurate and up-to-date.
    9. If you need to change an email address after it is entered into SANDBOX, please email the C.L.A.S.P. office at cercolono@cheltenham.org.
    10. Each person that you have designated and authorized to pick-up or drop-off your child, may create their own 4-digit passcode as identification, however, an active, accurate email address must be entered on the Online Registration under Contacts.
    11. There are 3 steps needed to authorize the auto-pay option:
    - Initial the statement within the registration form.
    - After you enter your financial information, check the box "Pay Through SANDBOX"
    - To complete your authorization for the auto-pay option, you must email the administration office, cercolano@cheltenham.org


    Child Health Report (to be completed by a physician)
    Civil Rights Form (sign 3 places)
    Parent Handbook
    Emergency Closing Information
    Montgomery County CCIS (contact information for financial assistance)
    Session Fees