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     The Freshman Transition Program’s implementation occurred in 2016-17, with a cohort of 60 students, representative of the diverse needs of the larger student body. Student enrollment in the program is based on teacher, administrator, and counselor recommendations, along with parent and student course selection. The program will be continuing in its third year in 2018-19. To learn more about the Freshman Transition Program, please email the team chsftp@cheltenham.org.

Transition Team Overview

  • Transitioning from middle school to high school can present challenges, especially with the demands of academic life. The Freshman Transition Team provides incoming freshmen with a core team of experienced teachers who instruct a variety of courses and levels, including Honors and AP. This team collaborates through a dynamic Professional Learning Community, which meets twice a week, to provide students with personalized experiences and interventions to guide them successfully through high school life.

    Students on the Freshman Transition Team will be enrolled in a minor, Freshman Seminar, which models effective learning and study practices for a variety of classes, accompanied by sessions with guest speakers. During seminar, students will focus on college and career exploration and preparation, campus touring, study skills development, for current and next-level courses, time management techniques, note-taking approaches, organizational tips, goal-setting, and topics of their personal interest. Interdisciplinary, student-centered, and social and emotional lessons will support and promote the continual success of each learner.

Program Structure

    • Team of Teachers (English, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Special Education)
    • Common meeting time focused on student achievement
    • Shared students
    • Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar

    • Meets every other day as a class
    • Provides social, emotional, and academic support
    • Hosts guest speakers
    • Students receive peer mentors

Transition Team Teachers

Melanie Jackson
Program Coordinator and Freshman Seminar
Ishbara Acosta
Aileen Clearkin
Special Education
Michael Ogbuehi
World Cultures
Tawny Threats
Elizabeth Wawrzyniak

Transition Team Mission

  • We choose to work collaboratively and proactively to address challenges facing ninth graders and ninth grade teachers, and we are committed to developing and implementing effective solutions and practices that will improve student achievement across levels and subjects.  We broaden students’ educational experiences through their creativity and interests, and we work to expose students to the possibilities and opportunities of college, career, and life.

We Are Committed To:

    • Student achievement
    • High expectations for learning, behavior, and citizenship
    • Best practices
    • Data-driven decision making
    • Effective communication regarding student progress
    • Collaborating with caseworkers, counselors, guardians, administrators, and community members to provide enrichment or support for our students
    • Restorative Practices.
    • Students’ social and emotional well being.