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Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Secondary Education and English, La Salle University; Masters of Education, La Salle Unversity.

Michelle Matrisciano | English

I am Michelle Matrisciano.  I have been at the high school since 1999, yet my name is misspelled on my classroom sign.  I teach English literature, eleventh and twelfth grade. Like Special Ed rapped, I got it made. I grew up in Northeast Philly, of my roots I am proud.  Always an individual, never running with the crowd.  No siblings to speak of, just me, mom, and dad.  The first in my family to be a college grad.  With a masters from La Salle, I worked my way up, from a trouble-making student to one who knew her stuff.  I've worked as a sales girl and a skating waitress; I've held several jobs, and none do I miss. But with each experience, I learned something new, and from all of them, I grew and I grew.  Throughout all the years with which I've been blessed with much joy, my greatest achievement is my little boy. From a student to a teacher, a daughter to a mom, the titles I hold have created everlasting bonds.