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Degrees and Certifications:

Temple University - Bachelor of Arts, Radio, Television, Film Temple University - Master of Education Certifications – AV Communications

Craig Carracappa | English

I have been a TV Production teacher for 13 years but education is not my first career. I had been in large-scale event management for over a decade before that directing and running events on an international schedule. I did a lot of traveling to major cities in the US, Canada, Caribbean and a bit in South America. For three of those years, I was based on the island of Aruba.

One of my most memorable moments in teaching happened when I ran into a former student. He was not a good student and he struggled to keep a D in my class; however, he loved video and music production. When he told me he was known as the smart guy in his CCP video class because he already knew all the stuff they were learning; he beamed like a proud man. He couldn’t wait to tell me how I helped him change his perspective. Little did he know it was a big payoff for me as well.

I am excited to be part of the Cheltenham community and look forward to years of growth in the program and the part I play in it.