Health Services Mission Statement

  • The school health program at Cheltenham School District is designed to achieve and maintain optimal mental and physical health of the students through the identification, management, and referral of health problems, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Role of the School Nurse

  • The National Association of School Nurses defines school nursing as: A specialized practice of Professional Nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and lifelong achievement of students.

    The Cheltenham School District Department of Health Services provides services to the district’s schools and to several private and parochial schools, which are located in the township. Health Services staff are assigned to schools in accordance with the needs of the school and student enrollment. Health suites are staffed by Certified School Nurses and Staff Nurses. The Staff Nurses work under the direction of the Certified School Nurse. Some of the School Nurse's duties consist of the following:

    • Assess individual student health and development status
    • Conduct mandated screenings (height, weight, vision, hearing, BMI, scoliosis, etc)
    • Assure that necessary physical and dental examinations are completed
    • Develop health plans for students with health conditions
    • Coordinate prevention and control of communicable disease
    • Develop a system of first aid and emergency care
    • Recommend new and updated health policies

CSD Nursing Staff

Donel Forte, CSN
CSN Cheltenham High School
Phone: 215-517-3701
Aisha Raye, LPN
Staff Nurse, Cheltenham High School
Phone: 215-517-4540
Mary Illari, CSN
CSN Cedarbrook Middle School
Phone: 215-881-6424
Tria Jones, RN
Staff Nurse Cedarbrook Middle School
Phone: 215-881-6427
Amy Gadea, MSN, CSN, RN
CSN Elkins Park School
Phone: 215-881-4789
Khadija Elourdi, CSN
CSN Cheltenham Elementary
Phone: 215-517-4536
Marilyn Shadis, BSN, CSN, RN,
CSN Glenside Elementary
Phone: 215-881-6442
Hope Monaghan, LPN
LPN Cheltenham Elementary School
Rita Fernandes, CSN
CSN Myers Elementary
Phone: 215-517-4575
Kera Cowley, MSN, CSN, RN
CSN, Wyncote Elementary
Phone: (215) 517- 4602