Holistic Supports

  • Holistic Supports Page Icon As outlined in the Strategic Plan, CSD will ensure that the holistic needs of students, faculty, staff, and families are met, such that by 2021, CSD will be an inclusive, compassionate, trusting community that utilizes principles of mindfulness and positive psychology. In order to achieve this goal, CSD has established three objectives.

    1. By 2021, CSD will fully implement district-wide developmentally appropriate core values and behavioral norms and utilize positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS).

    2. By 2021, CSD staff, students, and families will feel part of a community that prioritizes their physical and social-emotional health.

    3. By 2021, CSD will implement a district-wide plan to support all students’ social and emotional health and development to include curriculum, assemblies, activities, and programs.