I Choose Cheltenham Campaign

  • Bumper Magnet image

    The “I Choose Cheltenham” bumper sticker is the result of our 2015-2016 Pride Campaign. Members of our community came together and collectively identified the distinct characteristics that represent Cheltenham. Since its arrival, over 5,000 “I Choose Cheltenham” bumper stickers have been distributed. You can pick up your own bumper sticker by visiting our Administration building located at 2000 Ashbourne Road in Elkins Park.

I Choose Cheltenham: Family Edition

  • I CHOOSE CHELTENHAM: FAMILY EDITION, is a photography exhibit that documents and honors the cultural diversity that exists in our school district. Photographed by Elkins Park School art teacher, Ms. Denise Allen, the pictures tell the story of why Cheltenham Township remains a destination for families and individuals who opt to live and work together in a community that embraces cultural differences. The District is proud to highlight each I CHOOSE CHELTENHAM family on our website from now through the end of the school year.  Thank you to the twenty-four families who partnered with the school district to communicate why they CHOOSE CHELTENHAM!