K-12 Meals/What's Included

  • All meal offerings include five components: protein, grain, fruit, vegetable and 8 oz. low-fat or fat-free milk. As per federal regulations, students may take all components if they choose, but at a minimum, they must choose 3 out of the 5 components and one of the components must be a fruit or a vegetable. If they choose not to take the fruit or vegetable, they will be charged the ala carte price, according to the NSLP guidelines. All five components may be taken at no extra charge. 

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    Test your knowledge: An example of a complete meal is cheeseburger, apple slices, side salad and milk. Based on student selections, are the following considered meals?

    • A student chooses a cheeseburger and apple slices, but declines the side salad and milk. Yes, this is a meal. The three components are protein (burger), grain (bun) and apples (fruit.) Milk and side salad could be taken but are not required if the student does not desire them.
    • A student chooses a cheeseburger with water. No, this is not a meal. There are only two components, protein and grain, and a fruit or vegetable was not chosen.

    Cashiers will make every effort to encourage students to choose a fruit or vegetable with their meal; please encourage your child at home as well.

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