High School and Middle School 1:1 Initiative

  • Acer 738T It is the goal of the Cheltenham School District to implement a successful 1 to 1 initiative which empowers teachers and students to harness the power of technology to collaborate, create, communicate, critically think, and learn how to learn in the 21st century.

    Studies show that school districts with a student to computer ratio of 1:1, pronounced "one-to-one", out-perform districts that do not. Benefits of a 1 to 1 computing initiative include 24/7 access to technology for students and the ability to extend learning beyond the traditional brick and mortar school.

Important Information for Parents

  • Before your student receives their Chromebook, three things will need to be completed:

    1) Online Payment - A $30 annual insurance payment ($10 for Free and Reduced) is required before your student receives a Chromebook. includes one annual repair for a damaged device and one battery replacement (if needed).

    2) Agree to the acceptable use policy for Technology & ChromebooksIf you signed this policy last year, you do not need to sign it again.

1:1 Presentation

Chromebook Handbook