Color Guard

  • Indoor Color Guard

    The Indoor Color Guard brings to life music through work with flags, rifles, sabers, and a variety of dance styles, from ballet to modern. Each year the indoor color guard creates their own unique show with customized music, props, and drill work. With this show they compete at a high level with other schools through the region.

    While the color guard is part of the marching band in the Fall, during Winter and Spring the Cheltenham Indoor Color Guard competes in the Tournament Indoor Association and Cavalcade of Band competition circuits. Through this activity the members of the indoor color guard not only develop an understanding of movement and dance, but they develop discipline, teamwork, and camaraderie with their peers.

    The Indoor Color Guard is an audition-based, competitive ensemble. Auditions take place in December. Rehearsals begin in December and continue on a weekly basis through the Spring. Performances take place at competitions along with the Spring concerts and community events as scheduled.