Indoor Percussion Ensemble

  • Indoor Percussion Ensemble

    The Indoor Percussion Ensemble is a combined battery percussion and pit ensemble that provides students with an opportunity to learn and improve their rudimental drumming and mallet percussion skills. Battery instrumentation includes snare, quads, and the bass drum line. Pit instrumentation includes mallet instruments (marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, chimes and bells), concert battery instruments (snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, concert toms), timpani, and auxilliary percussion.

    The focus of this activity is on the development of proper instrument technique and ensemble precision through a variety of exercises and challenging music. Many students participate in the Indoor Percussion Ensemble as an off-season training experience that complements their participation in the Marching Panther battery percussion and pit ensemble.

    The Indoor Percussion Ensemble is an audition-based, competitive ensemble. Auditions take place in December. Rehearsals begin in December and continue on a weekly basis through the Spring. Performances take place at local Indoor Percussion competitions and festivals, along with the Spring concerts and community events as scheduled.