Policy Committee Meetings

  • The Policy Committee generally meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month. The Committee members consider both new subject matters for policy consideration as well as systematically review existing policy to ensure that they reflect current practices and are in compliance with state and federal law. Some policies have an accompanying Administrative Regulation which provides more detailed information about process and procedure matters related to the Policy.

Recent Presentations

  • Policy Committee Presentation February 2020

    The Policy Committee convened Thursday, Feb. 20 with co-chairs Julie Haywood and Dan Schultz, committee members Joel Fishbein and Tyrone Smith, Superintendent Dr. Wagner Marseille, administrators and solicitor in attendance. The following policies will be handled as adoptions for the March 10, legislative board meeting: Policy 119 Current Events and Controversial Issues (1989); Policy 331 Job Related Expenses (1993); Policy 331/431/531 Job Related Expenses (1993) for repeal; Policy 601 Fiscal Objectives and Procedures (1994); Policy 616 Payment of Claims (1994); Policy 811 Bonding (1995); and Policy 819 Privacy of Personal Health Information (2003) for repeal. Nine policies on the March 10 agenda will be handled as first reads: Policy 229 Student Fundraising (1998); Policy 115 Vocational Education (1999), change to “to Career and Technical Education”; Policy 213.1 Academic Failures and Make Up (1997) for repeal; Policy 215 Promotion and Retention (2013); Policy 230 Student Competitions and Festivals (1997) - change to “Public Performances by Students”; Policy 245 Student Identification Cards (2008), Policy 706 Property Records (1998); Policy 706.1 Disposal of District-Owned Books and Supplies (1999) - change to “Disposal of District-Owned Equipment”; and Policy 706.2 Disposal of District-Owned Equipment (1999) for repeal. Additionally, administrative regulations 331, 229, 601, 215, 230 and 245 will be listed on the March Board Agenda for review. The next Policy Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 8 a.m.

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