Policy Committee Meetings

  • The Policy Committee generally meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month. The Committee members consider both new subject matters for policy consideration as well as systematically review existing policy to ensure that they reflect current practices and are in compliance with state and federal law. Some policies have an accompanying Administrative Regulation which provides more detailed information about process and procedure matters related to the Policy.

Recent Presentations

  • Policy Committee Presentation May 2020

    Committee co-chairs Julie Haywood and Dan Schultz hosted board members Joel Fishbein, Tyrone Scott, Charles Burdell-Williams, Bill England and David Cohen, superintendent Dr. Wagner Marseille, administrators and solicitor for a virtual policy committee meeting on Wednesday, May 27. The following policies (and the year in which they were adopted or most recently updated) will be handled at the Tuesday, June 9 legislative board meeting:


    Policy and Administrative Regulation (AR) 215 Promotion and Retention (2013) will be adopted; Policy and AR 230 Student Competitions and Festivals (1997) will be changed to “Public Performances by Students”; Policy 235 Student Rights and Responsibilities (1999) will be repealed; Policy and AR 105.1 Curriculum Review by Parents and Students (1999) will be changed to “Review of Curriculum and Instructional Materials by Parents/Guardians and Students”; Policy and AR 105.2 Exemption from Instruction (1999) will be changed to “Exemption from Specific Instruction and/or State Assessment”; Policy and AR 108 Adoption of Textbooks (1998) will be adopted; Policy 108.1 Adoption of Supplemental Textbooks (1998) will be repealed; Policy and AR 319 Outside Activities (1992) will be adopted; Policies 419 and 519 Outside Activities (1992) will be repealed; Policy and AR 906 Public Complaints (1999) will be changed to “Formal Complaints” Policy 829  Equity will be handled as a first read. June’s virtual Policy Committee meeting is TBD. The district will alert the community once a new date has been set.

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