Policy Committee Meetings

  • The Policy Committee generally meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month. The Committee members consider both new subject matters for policy consideration as well as systematically review existing policy to ensure that they reflect current practices and are in compliance with state and federal law. Some policies have an accompanying Administrative Regulation which provides more detailed information about process and procedure matters related to the Policy.

    Board Policy Adoption and Repeal Process
    After the committee has reviewed proposed revisions to a board policy, and if the committee is recommending the revisions to the full board, the policy will be listed on a legislative meeting agenda for the board’s consideration and approval on a first-reading basis. After the first reading, the policy will return to the committee for a second look, and, if no further substantive changes are made, the policy will be listed on a legislative meeting agenda for the board’s consideration a second time. If the board approves, the revisions will be adopted. If the committee proposes additional substantive revisions to a policy between the first reading and the time of adoption, the policy will be re-reported to the committee for a new first reading. When policies are recommended for repeal, the process is the same, and the policy committee agenda will reflect the reason for the repeal, such as the policy is no longer legally required, a change in internal practice or consolidation into other policies. View infographic>>>

Recent Presentations

  • Policy Committee Presentation March 2021

    With co-chair Dan Schultz presiding, the Policy Committee convened over Zoom on March 24. The agenda included advancing the following policies for adoption at the April 13 legislative board meeting include:


    Policy 309 Assignment and Transfer (1992): The assignment and transfer of district employees shall be based on the management, supervisory, instructional and operational needs of the district. All certificated employees may be transferred within their areas of certification.


    Policy 140  Charter Schools (1999): The board shall evaluate applications submitted for charter schools located within the district, in accordance with the requirements of law and those established by the Board.


    Policy and AR 219 Student Complaint Process (2016): The superintendent or designee will prepare written procedures implementing this policy in accordance with applicable law. The administrative regulation (AR) includes the written complaint resolution procedures.


    The next Policy Committee Meeting is Wednesday, April 28 at 8 a.m. on Zoom.

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