• Treasurers Guidelines

    We are excited and honored to serve as the treasurers for Glenside's PTO. Our goal is to make the cash flow as smooth as possible! You may be asking...Why would I need to contact a treasurer?

    • If you spend any money on a PTO event that you want reimbursed, we send those out.
    • If you need a check written to pay for any vendor for a PTO event, we can do that.
    • If you need a cash box for any PTO event, we know where to find it.
    • If you collected money for a PTO event and it is sitting on your dining room table, we can take that for you.
    • If you need to know what was spent last year on a specific PTO event, we can look that up for you.

    We have put together some guidelines below so we can help each other keep things running well to benefit our wonderful school! Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

    Reimbursement requests should be submitted online through the PTO website. All reimbursement requests must be turned in within 1 week of the conclusion of the event. All checks will be mailed to the address you provide on the form. Please allow 5-7 business days after you submit the online form. Submit a PTO Reimbursement Form.

    Vendor Reimbursement Requests
    If you have an invoice from a vendor and need to send them a check directly you will need to submit a check request online through the PTO website. All vendor check requests must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the due date for payment. Submit a Vendor Reimbursement Request Form.

    Cash Box Request
    If you know you will need a cash box for an event, we will need to make sure there is enough cash for you. Please submit the cash box request form 2 weeks in advance of your event so we can make sure you are set up for success! The treasurers will contact you via email to arrange a time and place to provide the cash box to you. Submit a Cash Box Request Form.

    Deposits - Turning Money In
    Any checks or money that you collect for an event MUST be turned in within 1 week of the events conclusion. This money must be counted and itemized by the event chair and turned in by the event chair. Arrangements for transfer of the money should be coordinated with the treasurers -- please DO NOT leave a large sum of money in the PTO mailbox. You can print this deposit form: glensideptodepositform.pdf