So you've volunteered to chair an event -- now what??

    Steps to Follow When Chairing an Event

    • Contact PAWS President for information. Touch base with PAWS President Anna Sappington.  You can send her an email at info@glensidepto.com (copy her personal email as well).
      • She will provide you with a list of volunteers who have signed up to help with your event. Be sure to contact everyone who signed up for the committee.  Volunteers consistently tell us that it is disappointing and offputting not to hear back when they’ve volunteered to help. Please keep them apprised of your plans, and involve them.
      • Anna also can provide you with a copy of last year's Post-Event Comment Sheet to help in your planning.
    • Determine your budget. Check with Co-Treasurers Carrie Silver and Brandi Eyler (treasurers@glensidepto.com) to determine the budget for your event.
    • Set the event date.  The date already may have been set during the spring District calendaring meeting; check Glenside’s online calendar to see.  If not, run the proposed date by Principal Robinson (mrobinson@cheltenham.org) for her approval.
    • Plan the event.  Apprise Principal Robinson and PAWS President Anna Sappington of your plans; they may have helpful suggestions and input.
    • Request facilities and equipment. Request what you need from the school for your event.
      • Submit work orders for equipment, tables, and having things moved.
      • Complete a Use of Facilities Application form if you need to use the school or grounds on a specific day and time, and also if you need a specific set-up.
      • Submit the Use of Facilities Application form to school secretary Suzanne Wissman (swissmann@cheltenham.org), copying Principal Robinson (mrobinson@cheltenham.org) and custodian Tonya Hatchett (thatchett@cheltenham.org).
      • It likely will be helpful to stop by the school a day or two prior to your event to make sure you and Ms. Hatchett are on the same page regarding what preparations are needed.
    • Publicize your event and recruit volunteers! PAWS’ weekly email blast and facebook page are the primary places to publicize your event, recruit volunteers, make announcements, etc.
      • Submit information for PAWS’ weekly email blast by 12:00 p.m. Wednesdays to PAWS co-secretaries (secretaries@glensidepto.com).  The blast is sent on Friday.
      • Forward information to be posted on facebook to either Anna Sappington or Kelly Batiancila, PAWS’ Social Media Coordinator.
      • If you are hard-pressed for help despite your best, timely efforts to recruit volunteers, contact Anna Sappington.
    • Making Copies. PAWS no longer has to use its own paper -- we reimburse Glenside for the paper we’ve used.  Contact Anna Sappington for the copy code.
      • Principal Robinson must approve any flyers sent home.
      • The office secretary, Suzanne Wissmann, can tell you how many students are in each class.
      • Put copies (with directions to teacher) in the teacher's mailboxes (located in the office at the front of the school).
    • Retrieve responses from the school Check PAWS’ mailbox (in front office) at least twice a week if you are expecting responses or payments.
    • Money matters:
    • Plan to leave no trace. Assign committee members to clean up and leave the space as found.
    • Thank Participants. Please be sure to thank your committee, volunteers, or any donors. Feel free to use PAWS logo for letterhead.
    • Debrief. Fill out the online Post-Event Comment Form to record your notes for you (or a successor chair) to use next year.
    • Questions?  Contact the PAWS President (contact info above).  She is here to help you.