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  • CSD Website In looking at the new District Homepage, you will notice a clean, modern look. District colors and mascots have all been refreshed, and the School District of Cheltenham Township title has been switched out with a streamlined Cheltenham School District title logo. There are many exciting new features that you will not want to miss. The panoramic, multimedia image section is loaded with wonderful photos from around our District, as well as a welcome video from the Superintendent. As you scroll down the District’s Homepage, you will see the site’s Information Center. This section is a hub of important content. In clicking on the NEW WEBSITE tile you will find video tutorials on how to customize the website’s calendar system and more. Click on the SOCIAL MEDIA tile to see a listing of our district-wide Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and handles. Be sure to LIKE and Follow the school(s) of your choice. As you continue to scroll down the page, you will encounter Spotlight Stories, Announcements and Find it Fast Information, followed by a weekly calendar bar that easily opens up to show full months at a glance.

    Each school site showcases it own photos, welcome video, school information section, Principal’s message, Spotlight Stories, Announcements, social media platforms, calendar items and PTO information. Users can move from school site to school site by clicking on the OUR SCHOOLS tab arrow, located at the very top of the page, and can return the District Homepage at anytime by clicking on the CSD icon or title.

    Special features, such as the Parent Portal will roll out in April, with the entire site being fine-tuned as we merge all of our existing systems with our new platform. As this is a soft launch of the site, we will be collecting feedback in the coming months, via quick surveys and focus groups. We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy the new site.

    CSD Technology Department and Communications Department

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