What are Academic Support Services funded by Title I?

  • High-quality curriculum and instruction in math and reading in a supportive and effective learning environment using:

    • Leveled materials
    • Additional instruction in the appropriate environment for each student
    • On-going communication between academic support teachers and classroom teachers
    • Reinforcement and extension of classroom strategies

    Who is a Student in need of Academic Support?

    • Qualifies for support based on criteria as set by the school district
    • Identified as “at risk” of not meeting state standards

    How are students identified? 

    Multiple measures that include the following: 

    • Objective criteria based on data developed by the school district
    • Educationally related to math and reading
    • If preschool – grade 2: may include judgment of teacher, interviews with parents, and other developmentally appropriate means 

    When are parents notified?

    • Letters of eligibility are sent home in September with criteria
    • Service begins immediately
    • Parents are contacted throughout the school year concerning student progress

    Components of Our Academic Support Program: 

    • Use of effective methods and instructional strategies based on educational research, such as, extended learning time, small group instruction, multi-sensory approaches
    • Coordinates with general education program
    • Uses highly qualified teachers trained in math and reading strategies
    • Includes parental involvement
    • Coordinates with other support services within the district such as, speech and language, special education and ESL program 

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