Gifted Support

  • CSD seeks to provide every child with a rigorous, individualized, and meaningful educational experience.  For some students, this requires going above and beyond the typical grade level curriculum. In such cases, students identified as (1) having outstanding intellectual ability AND (2) to be in need of specially designed instruction receive a Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) which outlines their goals and services. 
    CSD has a rich offering of services along the K-12 continuum for students who possess a GIEP that focuses on mathematics, English, technology, engineering, science, creativity and design thinking. 

If you believe your child may be eligible

  • CSD maintains a robust assessment procedure to ensure that all students who meet the criteria for gifted education, as established by Chapter 16 of the PA Code, are properly identified. If you believe that your child may require a GIEP, please reach out to your school building's Challenge Consultant and request an evaluation.  Within a few days you will receive a "Permission to Evaluate Form" and some other documents to complete and return to CSD.  Once we receive your signed documents we will begin the evaluation process.  Please see the video below regarding evaluation to learn more. 

    The Challenge Program for Gifted students in the Cheltenham School District offers support K-12 to nurture the minds of gifted students, fostering a lifelong love for learning and encouraging them to pursue intellectual challenges with critical, creative, and compassionate thinking. Our dedicated team of Challenge Consultants collaborate to provide a learning environment that not only emphasizes academic excellence through critical and creative thinking but also supports the holistic development of each student. We focus on identifying and enhancing students' unique talents, encouraging them to explore their interests and express their abilities in a safe and supportive setting. The program offers enriched and accelerated learning experiences, tailored to meet individual needs through a variety of teaching methods. Our aim is to empower gifted students to realize their full potential while valuing themselves and the diverse community around them, preparing them for a future where they can confidently take intelligent risks and contribute meaningfully to society.


Gifted Education Video Series

  • The most common questions we receive about gifted education are: What is gifted education? How do children qualify for gifted education? and, What does gifted education look like at the high school? The videos below seek to address these common questions. 

  • Overview: A very brief review of gifted education in Pennsylvania 

  • Evaluation: A short description of the criteria and process for evaluating students to determine if they are in need of a GIEP
  • CHS Course: A look at the Design Thinking Independent Project Course at Cheltenham High School

Contact Us

Dr. Matthew Pimental
Supervisor of Professional Learning and K-12 Gifted Education
Elaine McGoldrick
CHS Challenge Consultant
Brian Smith
CHS Challenge Consultant
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Elizabeth Kenna
Cedarbrook Challenge Consultant
215-881-6427 ext (4418) email preferred 
Elizabeth Susanin
Cedarbrook Challenge Consultant
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Brian Costello
Elkins Park Challenge Consultant
Mary Aiken
Elkins Park Challenge Consultant
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Gerald Aungst
Cheltenham Elementary Challenge Consultant
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Tavia Brooks
Glenside Elementary Challenge Consultant
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Jamie Osea
Myers Elementary Challenge Consultant
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Kristin Krause
Wyncote Elementary Challenge Consultant
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