Future Problem Solvers

  • Future Problem Solving is a club that students can join starting in fourth grade; they can participate all the way up to twelfth grade. Under the direction of a teacher or coach, teams of four students use the FPS six-step model to explore challenges and propose action plans to complicated problems, such as ocean pollution, social media, processed food, and megacities. Teams use a variety of skills – critical thinking, creative solutions, teamwork, and having a positive vision for the future – to consider how problems we are facing today could have a futuristic impact.

    Students are encouraged to think outside the box as well as to consider various categories. How would the issue impact business and commerce? How about education or personal relationships? Could it affect religion and ethics or technology? Having different perspectives to consider broadens thinking and possible solutions.

    Teams compete locally within their own school district, and top-scoring teams have the opportunity to participate on a broader level against other Problem Solvers in their state and internationally.

    Students participating in Future Problem Solving are encouraged to challenge themselves and do their best while they become excited and engaged in their learning. Students can think for themselves while contributing to a team. Working together, they experience exceptional results.