• Technology Education Department Logo

  • Technology Education, a division of the Unified Arts Department, concerns itself with research, study, and practical experience with tools, materials, processes, and products of our vast technological society. Technology Education also interprets the socio-economic framework and culture of our industrial society. Many learning experiences are available in the fields of technical drawing, architecture, graphic arts, desktop publishing, building structures and woodworking technology. These experiences will be of value to all students, irrespective of the field of study they plan to pursue. The Technology Education Department consists of three labs: CAD Lab (Computer Aided Design), Graphic Communications Lab, and The Woodworking Materials Lab.

    Listed below are the entry level and advanced courses are offered through this department:

    • Building Structures
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    • Technical Drawing
    • Architecture
    • Graphic Arts
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Woodworking Technology