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  • The Science Department at Cheltenham High School strives to encourage and foster curiosity and innovation through a rich diversity of course offerings. 

    We will provide opportunities for students to develop and enrich their knowledge and understanding of scientific principles.  We will explore topics in the physical and life sciences.

    Our mission is to create an environment where students can:

    • Engage in scientific questioning to extend their thinking and to guide investigations.
    • Work with scientific explanations and theories to connect and relate knowledge and concepts across various domains.
    • Perform inquiry based investigations that require students to: ask questions, make observations and predictions, design experiments, perform data analysis, draw conclusions and construct arguments in a collaborative setting.
    • Plan and implement strategies to collect and analyze data and evaluate evidence to explain scientific phenomena and solve scientific problems.
    • Use mathematics to problem solve and develop higher order critical thinking skills.
    • Explore the impacts of scientific advancements in society.   

Contact Information

Paul Desipio
Science Department Coordinator

AP Course Offerings

AP Science Course Offerings