Mission Statement

  • Drawing on its cultural richness, creativity, and tradition of scholastic excellence, the Cheltenham School District strives to nurture each child through a wealth of academic endeavors and community partnerships that provide the skills and vision needed to lead a productive and meaningful life beyond our classroom walls.

Vision Statement

  • With a clear connection between the classroom and the world, the Cheltenham School District will strive for excellence by:

    1. inspiring our students to develop principled and knowledgeable responses to the local, national, and global challenges of the 21st century;
    2. actively engaging parents in their children’s intellectual, social, and moral education;
    3. encouraging faculty and staff to continually broaden the web of connections between their academic disciplines and the world on which they depend;
    4. stimulating dynamic leadership of building and district administrators; and
    5. creating partnerships with community individuals, institutions, organizations, and businesses that model real-world connections for all students.