Financial Affairs Presentations

  • The Financial Affairs Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month (except July).  At the Financial Affairs Committee, two board members who have been appointed co-chairs of the committee lead the meeting.  The meeting ordinarily provides information on a topic of interest which is generated in collaboration with the committee co-chairs.  The presentations from these meetings for the past year are posted below.

Most Recent Finance Committee Meeting

  • Financial Affairs Presentation January 2023

    With co-chair Joel Fishbein presiding, Financial Affairs convened in person and via video conferencing on Tuesday, Jan. 3. At the meeting, year-over-year unaudited financial operating results were reviewed through the month of December. Revenues continued to remain on pace with budget and showed an increase to date of $6.8M over the prior year. Expenditures showed growth of approximately $500,000 from year-to-year, also on pace with the budget. Local revenues were viewed in a historical context to recognize trends and patterns as well as to discuss future expectations. It was noted that interest earnings were very strong for the year due to increase in interest rates. Topics of discussion for February’s finance meeting will include a look at the preliminary budget.

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