Pursuant to Act 82 of 2012, the Board is pleased to report that Superintendent Dr. Wagner Marseille has met or exceeded his established goals for the 2019-20 school year.

    The Superintendent’s 2019-20 Goals are based on priorities identified in the following categories Student Academic Growth, Achievement and Support; Fiscal Responsibility and Long-Term Planning; District Operations and Safety, Facilities Planning and Maintenance; Communications and Engagement; Professional Growth that align with the district’s Strategic Plan and address academic achievement, budgetary, facility, operational and curricular needs.  References to the district’s Strategic Plan means the “Strategic Plan 2016-2021-Five Pathways, One Destination”.  References to the Curriculum Audit means the “March 2017 Curriculum Audit of the Cheltenham School District completed by Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc.”

    Objective Performance Measure #1 – Student Academic Growth, Achievement and Support:  The Superintendent uses multiple data sources to assess student success and growth as appropriate, specific to needs within the District and as determined annually in collaboration with the Board of School Directors, including  standardized assessments, PVAAS, and Future Ready Pennsylvania Index.

    The Superintendent works with the administrative team to analyze the school district performance and work in concert with the Office of Education and the building administration to identify key areas of need for all schools and develop a plan of intervention for the identified areas of need.

    In addition, the Superintendent continues to work with the administration to review the district-wide curriculum needs via the curriculum audit to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all students, aligns with state/national standards, and is equitable and culturally relevant.  The administration will continue to engage in teaching supervision through the observation and evaluation processes which inform professional development and provide support for best practice implementation in classroom instruction.  In 2019-2020, the Superintendent shall:

    1. Monitor the improvement of state assessment measures via the PA Future Ready Index while meeting and improving on-track measures using 2018-2019 local and state assessments available to the district with a focus on mathematics in grades 3-8 with a 10% increase in students scoring proficient/advanced.
    2. Provide oversight for the completion of the written curriculum (Grade 5-10 Health Curriculum, K-8 Math and English assessments), supporting documents resources and professional development. 
    3. Develop and implement Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (A-TSI) and strategies to reduce disproportionality in attendance among students with disabilities. 
    4. Ensure the implementation of Danielson Framework for teaching that engages in staff supervision through the observation and evaluation process and provide supports for best practices. 

    Objective Performance Measure #2: Facilities Planning and Maintenance: 

    The Superintendent collaborates with the Business Manager and the Director of Operations to analyze the data provided through the Facilities Condition Assessment to develop a five-year plan for improvements/renovations to the district facilities. The plan developed will serve as the guide for future renovations and improvements to the school district and include an ongoing plan for the maintenance and sustainability of the current school district facilities. Action shall be taken to ensure the safety of students and staff and to ensure compliance and address prioritized needs taking into consideration budget constraints.  In 2019-2020, the Superintendent shall:

    1. Oversee the implementation of Schooldude to support work orders, preventative maintenance and facilities usage 
    2. Lead and monitor the development of sustainability protocols, practices, and procedures that promote and supports district goals 
    3. Present a facilities condition report that will be used to develop a five-year facilities plan.
    4. Develop and communicate a multi-year sustainability plan that promotes/supports district commitment to environmentally friendly practices that promote energy efficiency and reduce harm to the environment.


    Objective Performance Measure #3: Fiscal Responsibility and Long-Term Planning:  The Superintendent works with the District Business Manager to develop and present a responsible budget that provides resources needed to maintain quality education programs while ensuring fiscal responsibility. In 2019-2020, the Superintendent shall:

    1. Provide the board with supporting documentation and guidance in negotiating collective bargaining agreements that meet the district’s programmatic needs while simultaneously recognizing the district’s fiscal realities. 
    2. Support the Board in the identification and drafting of policies per objectives of the curriculum audit and strategic plan. 
    3. Present a budget to the board that is balanced, student-focused and eliminates or reduces the use of fund balance.


    Objective Performance Measure #4: District Operations and Safety

    The Superintendent manages District operations, ensuring completion of activities associated with the annual budget; overseeing the distribution of resources in support of district priorities; and directing overall operational activities within the District. Superintendent guides and monitors the implementation of the district comprehensive emergency plan. In addition, through collaboration with local, county and state agencies the school district will update and improve the school district's emergency response procedures. Furthermore, the Superintendent will monitor the professional development provided to faculty, staff, and safety officers that supports the plan in the event of an emergency.  In 2019-2020, the Superintendent shall:

    1. Monitor the collaboration with township and county emergency management in supporting the district’s comprehensive emergency operation plan/emergency response procedures and providing approved training. 


    Objective Performance Measure #5: Professional Growth

    The Superintendent creates a climate that stimulates and supports professional growth and improvement of all staff. Professional development will be developed and provided to staff and in-service opportunities will be developed for all staff that promotes research on how students learn, classroom management, equity, cultural proficiency, emerging technology tools for education and new curriculum. The Superintendent works to individually reflect upon his effectiveness within the role, and works to improve effectiveness through the use of professional development literature, programs and activities.  In 2019-2020, the Superintendent shall:

    1. Participate and attend local, regional and national professional development opportunities such as MCIU, PENN Leadership Council, AASA National Superintendent Certification and recommends best practices to the district.
    2. Continue to monitor and implement cultural proficiency practices that support the district’s commitment to equity, access, and opportunity.


    Objective Performance Measure #6: Communication and Engagement 

    The Superintendent communicates with and engages the staff, the Board, and members of the community, clearly articulating District goals and priorities, addressing local and broader issues affecting the District, and building support for District initiatives, programs and short/long-range plans. The Superintendent provides leadership in  communicating with the general public those positive activities, programs, accomplishments, and district improvements to increase community awareness and understanding.  In 2019-2020, the Superintendent shall:

    1. Present to the board a communication dashboard/scorecard to update staff, the Board and community on progress made on district goals.
    2. Design structures and processes to facilitate parent and guardian involvement and community engagement that results in support for and commitment to the district. 
    3. Will lead and support a communication plan that provides multiple communication channels (video, written, social media), etc. to inform and highlight/promote district goals, accomplishments, programming and initiatives.