School District

Superintendent's 2015-2016 Proposed Goals

  • The Board of School Directors of the Cheltenham School District is very pleased to announce that our superintendent, Dr. Wagner Marseille, has successfully met or exceeded each of his agreed upon goals and objectives for the 2015-2016 school year. 

    CATEGORY A: Student Growth and Achievement

    Foster a learning environment in which every student has the maximum opportunity to achieve academic excellence.


    • Establish research based best practices for growth and improvement in achievement for all students, K-12
    • Continue to monitor student achievement with an intentional focus on addressing achievement gaps
    • Utilize available staff resources to assess and report back to the Board and community on district needs to increase student growth and to achieve academic excellence at all academic levels, K-12

    2015-2016 Goals:

    1. Develop and present to the Board by May of 2016 an action plan to maintain and enhance achievement at the highest academic levels and remediate achievement/learning gaps district wide that are evident in numerous assessment/achievement data; including but not limited to PSSAs, Keystones, School Performance Profile, PSAT, SAT, Dibels, Benchmarks, Grades, GPA, post-secondary attainment.
    2. By June 2016 present to the board findings of the Special Education report and audit, identify steps already implemented with an action plan for additional improvements to strengthen the delivery of services that address the needs of our special education population.
    3. Review and assess current intervention models with a focus on developing a district wide intervention model.

    CATEGORY B: Strategic Planning

    Development, adoption, and faithful implementation of a district-wide Strategic Plan that reflects the collective vision, mission and values of the SDCT based on a collaborative process with input of teachers, staff, students, parents, Board and community.


    • Continue the strategic planning process that was approved by the Board, leading to presentation of a Strategic Plan for Board adoption in the spring of 2016.
    • Establish practices and expectations so that the Strategic Plan, once adopted by the Board, is utilized as a working document to guide agenda-building, planning, and District decision-making

    2015-2016 Goals:

    1. Effectively monitor and evaluate progress towards compliance with adoption of the SDCT’s strategic plan, and provide periodic reports on such progress to the Board and the community.
    2. Present a Strategic Plan to the Board by the Spring 2016 that has Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Sensitive (SMART) Goals that reflect the vision and goals of our community.

    CATEGORY C: School Climate and Culture

    Ensure a school environment for staff, teachers, students and families that is welcoming and buildings that are inviting, accessible, safe and secure.


    • Actively support and embrace a district-wide culture where the individual identities, backgrounds, and cultures of its students and faculty are valued, respected and celebrated.
    • Establish a safe and secure school culture that fosters mutual respect while appropriately enforcing compliance with district standards and policies.

    2015-2016 Goals:

    1. By June 2016, provide an assessment and recommendations for improvement of school climate by school.
    2. Establish a committee and structure at each school to identify and address issues of equity, access and opportunity, especially for our historically underperforming students.
    3. Provide professional development opportunities for administrators and teacher leaders in establishing and strengthening professional learning communities.
    4. Research the feasibility of a district community liaison that will work in strengthening community and district relationships and support the narrowing of the achievement/learning gap.

    CATEGORY D: Organizational Leadership

    Through leadership and recruitment of central administration and school-based leadership staff, create a culture that encourages risk-taking, creative thinking and advancing the vision of the district.


    • Improve morale and collegiality among district employees, faculty and bargaining units
    • Build internal capacity of staff and administration to maximize opportunities for internal professional advancement through meaningful professional development, using teacher leaders and encouraging collaboration
    • Provide leadership and training to all principals and cabinet level administrators, for improving the cultural competence of district personnel in addressing the diversity of our district enrollment
    • Evaluate recruitment and retention practices to identify opportunities to expand diversity of the pool of highly qualified personnel

    2015-2016 Goals

    1. Present to the Board recommendations of an organizational structure in March 2016 that better supports the mission and vision of the District, the strategic plan, and the social, emotional and academic needs of all students.
    2. Identify stakeholders and educational leaders (including leaders from post-secondary institutions) to assist in assessing the districts programs addressing achievement gaps at all academic levels and make recommendations for improvement
    3. Provide cultural proficiency and social cultural identity training for all administrators during the 2015-2016 school year

    CATEGORY E: Human Resource Management

    Establish the School District of Cheltenham Township as an employer of choice for highly qualified and creative people who reflect and value the rich diversity of our district and who work together to meet students’ needs and achieve the District’s mission and vision.


    • Assess recruitment, hiring, performance review, and professional development priorities and processes.
    • Ensure that the SDCT recruits, hires and retains a highly qualified and diverse teaching staff that meets the needs of our students and supports the mission and vision of the CSD

    2015-2016 Goals:

    1. Evaluate the Districts implementation of Act 82 requirements and provide recommendations to the Board that support current practices.
    2. Assess the District’s practices for identification, recruitment and retention of highly qualified, diverse teachers, staff and administrators that better support the District’s mission and vision and formulate process improvements for implementation during the 2016-17 academic school year.

    CATEGORY F: Communications and Community Relations

    Continue to foster transparency in District communications using all available media technologies.


    • Continue to expand, promote, and enhance District communications and accurate exchange of information about District operations, policies, events, and student recognitions with all constituencies using all available media technologies

    2015-2016 Goals:

    1. By January 2016, implement a communication strategy that actively promotes the District’s accomplishments
    2. Develop a public relations plan to engage the media in long-term partnerships to ensure clear a continuous reporting of SDCT’s accomplishments
    3. Develop a platform that allows educators and administrators to better promote the accomplishments taking place in classrooms, buildings and the community.
    4. Strengthen superintendent’s access via social media and other outlets that allow community and faculty to share ideas and recommendations

    CATEGORY G: Facilities/Operations Management

    Maintain and maximize the use of our buildings


    • Develop and execute a multi-year plan for facilities management, maintenance, repairs, and facility upgrades
    • Utilize ongoing inspection and reporting systems to prioritize projects and update multi-year plans as needed

    2015-2016 Goals:

    1. Adopt a multi-year Facilities Plan that addresses maintenance and improvements of existing building assets
    2. By March 2016 report to the Board and community, the district’s progress on addressing the priorities identified in the Facilities Plan
    3. Closely monitor ongoing repairs/renovations within the District to ensure minimal impact on instructional practices
    4. Closely monitor and supervise the successful construction of the Cedarbrook project

    CATEGORY H: Financial Management


    • Effectively plan, monitor and control the District’s budget
    • Provide adequate data to support budgetary requests aligned to meet the educational needs of all students

    2015-2016 Goals:

    1. Deliver a balanced budget that puts in place financial resources that better support and enhance effective teaching and diverse learning opportunities
    2. Oversee successful negotiation of collective bargaining agreement

    CATEGORY I: Communication and Relationship with Board


    • Establish effective practices, procedures, and expectations for Board-Superintendent collaboration that enhance and reinforce the Board’s ability to effectively carry out its governance responsibilities and the Superintendent’s ability to effectively carry out his administrative responsibilities.

    2015-2016 Goals:

    1. Conduct a Board/Superintendent retreat by December 2015 to establish Board/Superintendent goals for effective collaboration and communication
    2. Evaluate current Board, Superintendent and community communications protocols and develop a process that ensures appropriate and timely communication between and amongst all stakeholders.